Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gigantic Chicken Scoop Tube.

I have to say, theres some absolute nut bar crazy shit to be found in Tokyo. In a 500 meter radius from the point where this photo was taken I bought several pairs of used and vacuum packed female panties (and lipstick) in a seven floor sex shop; you can go to a cafe where girls dressed as 16th century french maids with rabbit ears scream at you; you can buy DVD's of 7 and 8 year old girls in bikinis doing stretches and rubbing teddy bears in their crotches; there are bars where penguins run around the feet of the clientele and others where a monkey serves you drinks and even more still where all the hostesses are morbidly obese and dressed in leotards... I could go on. All this lunacy paled in comparison tho as I stood awestruck in front of this machine earlier this afternoon. Vending machines and claw drop games are everywhere in Japan, but this one took the fucking prize, and if you win it, you are one happy motherfucker, for these tubes (about 4 foot long) are filled with fried fucking chicken.


Who's got change for a 50000 Yen note?

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