Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sam's Chickan - dey don't mess about

Chickan Troopas!! Check dis out!

Dis ain't wot you fink it is .... dis is NOT a piece of chickaaaan... dis is a spicy hotwing from da legendary Sam's!!!

Seriously, dis proves dat Sam's is da best for chickan - not only duz dey ave da best flava in da coatings, but dey give all us troopas maximum chickan by giving us all da biggest and best hotwings, innit.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Sams Saturday

Last Saturday I was hangin about the manor by meself, last Saturday. And then I was thinking "OH WAIT A MINUTE, I ain't ad any Sams for a whole week!"... so I headed over to our favourite Chickan heaven and perchassed a snack deal of 4 spicy hot wings (£1-BOOYAKASHA).

The nice lady beind da counter spotted me for one of the Chickan Troopas and slung in 5 as a friendly bonus.

It was a good day. Restecp.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Family Mega Mix Posse in da HOUSE

So like sorry dat dis post az taken so long, butt i az been so busy eating da chickan, dat me az not ad time to post fingz on ere about da chickan.

Anyway, ere goes...

Da other day, me and me troopas went over to Sams (aiii) to get some chickan, da other day, cos we were all feeling a bit rubbish and all dat .... we decided dat enuff woz enuff and dat we woz gonna push da boat out or wot eva and get ourselves da famous family mega mix!!!

Da excitement amongst all da troopaz just could NOT be contained!

We counted up all our change and got it ready to order up some tasty chickan

Once we 'ad ordered da our mega mix, we all felt a little impatient cos we were all so frickin excited and everyfing ....

Da nice laydee behind da counter knows dat we iz regular chickan consoomaz at Sams and so she was well nice and everyfing and made sure to give us all da biggest and best bits of chickan.

Once we got our feast - we woz well pleased innit.

We layed it all out at home - we woz all so excited cos we 'ad some much chickan!

Chickan is well wicked, innit.

Boomshakalaka - me like da chickan!

PFC - Dey is Liars (but only a little bit)

Easy now Chickan Troopas!

This afternoon we went to down the road this afternoon and we was waitin for da bus when OH WAT DIS? me main soldier spied a chickan shop and we is like OH DATS RUDE NOT TO INIT, so we bust in and nabbed 4 spicy hot wings.

Dey was hactually well alright and that, pretty spicey and not too greasy - we was saying that it was quite a lot like KFC which is funny cos the name sounds pretty close to that init (conincindence? me finks not!) .

Anyway they was pretty bangin like i said but still dey didnt have tha true Sams LCP flava. We is beggining to fink maybe we will never find a betta chicken shop ever in our lifes.

Also wot i was saying just now is that they is Liars right? well dats cos the P stands for Perfect. and well we said that it was pretty good, not perfect, so maybe they should change the name to that or the traders standings board might fine em or whatever.

See Chickan blog is well political too.

Restecp Troopas.

Keep Eatin that CHICKAAANNN..


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Click this LINK

Chickan... GOOD.

The purest element in the universe is a big fan of Chickan.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Da Chickan Got Gone!?!?!

World Cup Chickan

Sam's ain't one to miss out on a somefing like da footie - good promotion time innit

dey ain't fick.

ur chickan even comes in a england flag bag

Sams 4 Eva

Monday, 31 May 2010

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chicken Little Chips.

Looks like a plate of chips dont it?

WRONG. It's half chips, half 'Chicken Little chips'. Chicken bites disguised as chips. Why? I have no idea, but they sure tasted purdy. I ate them all.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Deal Temptation

There is nothing stronger than the love between a man and his fried chickan...

A couple of nights ago I escorted my sick housemate out to get some food, with no plans to get any for myself as I'd already eaten me din dins....

HOWEVER ... these non-plans perished immediately when I walked past the legendary SAMS

No man in their right mind can resist a deal like that. Boyaka.


Gigantic Chicken Scoop Tube.

I have to say, theres some absolute nut bar crazy shit to be found in Tokyo. In a 500 meter radius from the point where this photo was taken I bought several pairs of used and vacuum packed female panties (and lipstick) in a seven floor sex shop; you can go to a cafe where girls dressed as 16th century french maids with rabbit ears scream at you; you can buy DVD's of 7 and 8 year old girls in bikinis doing stretches and rubbing teddy bears in their crotches; there are bars where penguins run around the feet of the clientele and others where a monkey serves you drinks and even more still where all the hostesses are morbidly obese and dressed in leotards... I could go on. All this lunacy paled in comparison tho as I stood awestruck in front of this machine earlier this afternoon. Vending machines and claw drop games are everywhere in Japan, but this one took the fucking prize, and if you win it, you are one happy motherfucker, for these tubes (about 4 foot long) are filled with fried fucking chicken.


Who's got change for a 50000 Yen note?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Metal Rooster

Techno Chicken

true Rofl Harris fun from Dominos to launch their Chickan pizza