Saturday, 14 August 2010

Family Mega Mix Posse in da HOUSE

So like sorry dat dis post az taken so long, butt i az been so busy eating da chickan, dat me az not ad time to post fingz on ere about da chickan.

Anyway, ere goes...

Da other day, me and me troopas went over to Sams (aiii) to get some chickan, da other day, cos we were all feeling a bit rubbish and all dat .... we decided dat enuff woz enuff and dat we woz gonna push da boat out or wot eva and get ourselves da famous family mega mix!!!

Da excitement amongst all da troopaz just could NOT be contained!

We counted up all our change and got it ready to order up some tasty chickan

Once we 'ad ordered da our mega mix, we all felt a little impatient cos we were all so frickin excited and everyfing ....

Da nice laydee behind da counter knows dat we iz regular chickan consoomaz at Sams and so she was well nice and everyfing and made sure to give us all da biggest and best bits of chickan.

Once we got our feast - we woz well pleased innit.

We layed it all out at home - we woz all so excited cos we 'ad some much chickan!

Chickan is well wicked, innit.

Boomshakalaka - me like da chickan!

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