Saturday, 14 August 2010

PFC - Dey is Liars (but only a little bit)

Easy now Chickan Troopas!

This afternoon we went to down the road this afternoon and we was waitin for da bus when OH WAT DIS? me main soldier spied a chickan shop and we is like OH DATS RUDE NOT TO INIT, so we bust in and nabbed 4 spicy hot wings.

Dey was hactually well alright and that, pretty spicey and not too greasy - we was saying that it was quite a lot like KFC which is funny cos the name sounds pretty close to that init (conincindence? me finks not!) .

Anyway they was pretty bangin like i said but still dey didnt have tha true Sams LCP flava. We is beggining to fink maybe we will never find a betta chicken shop ever in our lifes.

Also wot i was saying just now is that they is Liars right? well dats cos the P stands for Perfect. and well we said that it was pretty good, not perfect, so maybe they should change the name to that or the traders standings board might fine em or whatever.

See Chickan blog is well political too.

Restecp Troopas.

Keep Eatin that CHICKAAANNN..

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